Saturday 5th October 2019, Westminster, London

       For joined up solutions to the crises in our climate and food and farming system

    Mobilise for Farming, Food and Climate Justice

  • Come to the workshop series on the 4th of October at the Bargehouse

  • March with us to parliament on the 5th of October

  • Join us for free food and a great band after the march at the Bargehouse


This demonstration is called in solidarity with our European allies, and is one of many actions happening across the continent, throughout October in support of a better food system.

The Farming, Food and Climate Justice march  is being mobilised by a broad coalition of organisations, click here to find out who.

Click here to see photos o the Good Food and Farming march 2018

We're delighted to say that the We Feed the World Exhibition will be displayed at the Bargehouse on the 4th and 5th of October. Click here for the website of We Feed The World:

The Farming, Food and Climate Justice March in a key way for us to influence the Agriculture Bill. Click here for more info


We are a coalition of groups calling to transform our food system. We crypto affiliate program want everyone to have access to healthy, affordable  food,

produced from sustainable farming systems that mitigate the environmental crisis that we face introducing broker program


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